Septic Tank Conversion Loan Program


Septic Tank Conversion Loan Program
A low-interest loan from Regional San helps make converting from a septic system to the public sewer more affordable.

When septic systems fail, it can hurt both the environment and a homeowner’s pocketbook. Repairs and cleanup are never pleasant. While connecting to the public sewer system can be costly, Regional San can help.

Our Septic Tank Conversion Loan Program provides low-interest loans for property owners currently on septic systems who want to connect to the public sewer system. In order to qualify for the loan program, applicants must be within Regional San’s service area and be the legal property owner.

How Do I Connect to the Public Sewer System?

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the conversion process:

Septic Tank Conversion Loan Program FAQs

How Does the Loan Program Work?

Loan recipients are limited to $25,000 for the design and construction of the public sewer system connection. Property owners will be responsible for costs exceeding $25,000. Loans have a low interest rate and must be paid back within 5 years (call the number below for current rates). The loan cannot be used to pay sewer impact fees.

To learn more and apply for the Septic Tank Conversion Loan Program, call (916) 876-LOAN (5626) or email