Age-Restricted Residential Developments

Age-Restricted Residential Development Customer Category


Regional San has a rate and fee category for developments with 21 or more units that are restricted to residents aged 55 years and older. This applies to single-family, multi-family, condos, apartments, and mobile home developments that meet the age restrictions and the required minimum number of age-restricted units. The age-restricted monthly rate is 60 percent of the regular single-family monthly rate. The new rate category became effective July 1, 2016.

Based on a monitoring study of wastewater strength and flows, Regional San determined that dwelling units within age-restricted housing developments produce 40 percent less wastewater, on average, than dwelling units within non-age-restricted single-family housing developments.

In order to receive the rate, the homeowner association, apartment, or mobile home park managers or development owners/managers must complete an application and provide required documentation proving that the development is age-restricted and has 21 or more age-restricted units. Individual homeowners or renters should not apply.

To view the current Age-Restricted Residential Development customer monthly rates, visit our rates page here. To view the current Age-Restricted Residential Development sewer impact fees, visit our impact fees page here.


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