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Reducing Mercury by Keeping Drains Amalgam Free
Working with the Dental Community

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized the Dental Effluent Guidelines which will be effective July 14, 2017. Dentists who place or remove amalgam, except in limited circumstances, will be required to install an amalgam separator and follow two Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Dental practices that are currently discharging will have until July 14, 2020 to install their amalgam separator. However, practices that start discharging after July 14, 2017 will need to install one immediately. In both situations, the dental practice will need to submit a One-Time Compliance Report to Regional San.

We are currently developing the One-Time Compliance Report form and outreach materials to help the dental practices in our service area achieve compliance. These materials and more information will be posted in the coming weeks.

More information can also be found at the following links:

EPA’s Dental Effluent Guidelines

American Dental Association Amalgam page (some content for ADA members only)

California Dental Association

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General Information


Dental offices that place or remove amalgam fillings are a controllable source of mercury that impacts our waterways. In our region, mercury in the dental community’s wastewater is 500 times more concentrated than in residential wastewater, and it represents more than 40 percent of the total mercury load to the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.


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