Biosolids Recycled

Biosolids Recycled



During the wastewater treatment process, organic matter is removed from the water, treated, disinfected and converted to a fertilizer product called biosolids. This service level reflects the amount of biosolids recycled as fertilizer.


The current target for this service level is to recycle enough biosolids to fertilize between 3,000 and 3,650 acres.


Our biosolids recycling efforts represent our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Critical Impacts

The production from the existing Biosolids Recycling Facility (BRF) is linked to the capacity of the equipment, contractual obligation and some discretion on how much material is delivered from the treatment plant to the BRF. Major changes in production levels will depend on future planning decisions to either expand the BRF or implement new biosolids recycling projects.

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