Biosolids Recycling

Biosolids Recycling

Turning solids from the treatment process into beneficial uses

The Regional San/Synagro Biosolids Recycling Facility

Regional San has developed a diversified biosolids management program that is both environmentally friendly and of high value to ratepayers. This two-pronged program consists of safely and effectively:

  • Recycling biosolids into environmentally beneficial products
  • Applying biosolids to land disposal units

Each year, Regional San’s treatment plant processes about 26,000 dry tons of biosolids, making the program one of the largest producers of biosolids in California. Approximately 70 percent of those biosolids are treated and then injected into on-site land disposal units, while the remainder is beneficially recycled at our Biosolids Recycling Facility (a partnership with Synagro).

Biosolids are rich in nitrogen and contain phosphorus, potassium and micro-nutrients, all necessary to the growth process. As a fertilizer, biosolids retain soil moisture, helping to reduce soil erosion. As a soil enhancer, biosolids can be marketed as follows:

  • As dry, pelletized, odorless fertilizer
  • As green waste compost in which the biosolids are mixed with natural plant materials
  • As the garden-variety compost

Regional San’s Biosolids Management Program includes conducting outreach to educate the public, farmers and community leaders about the significant benefits of biosolids recycling.

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