Bufferlands Educational Opportunities

Wildlife & Environment 101

Unique educational opportunities at the Bufferlands


With more than 2,100 acres of open space, environmental educational opportunities abound on the Bufferlands. The Bufferlands have phenomenal wildlife habitat that supports more than 220 species of birds, 25 species of mammals, 20 species of fish and 21 special status species. This broad variety of wildlife can be found in our grasslands, wetlands and riparian forests.

Onsite Opportunities

The Bufferlands is typically closed to unescorted public access. However, during the past several years, we have been developing our public outreach and education program, including a docent and volunteer component. We also host a number of popular events on the Bufferlands each year. Check out our calendar of events for scheduled tours.

The Bufferlands management staff can also tailor a special tour to meet the individual needs of your group. As we are able to accommodate within our staff’s regular work schedule, we are happy to provide tours and talks for groups large and small, covering a wide variety of natural resource topics.

We have provided tours for students from kindergarten through high school. Our Bufferlands have also served as an outdoor classroom for a variety of collegiate programs. Whether the interest is general in nature or lies with a particular species, habitat or ecological function, we strive to provide as many educational opportunities to students, community groups, clubs, and various private and professional associations as we can.

Learn more!

Please contact Roger Jones at (916) 875-9174 or jonesro@sacsewer.com for more information about how you can request Bufferlands access or a special tour for your group.

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