Bufferlands Flora and Fauna

Bufferlands Flora and Fauna


Here you will find some interesting information about the incredible diversity of animal and plant life on the Bufferlands.

General Information

Fish List

Family Common Name Scientific Name
Clupeidae (Herrings) Threadfin Shad Dorosoma petenense
Cyprinidae (Minnows) Sacramento Blackfish – N Orthodon microlepidotus
Golden Shiner Notemigonus crysoleucas
General Information

Reptiles and Amphibians List

Family Common Name Scientific Name
Bufonidae (Toads) Western Toad Bufo boreas
Hylidae (Tree Frogs and Relatives) Pacific Tree Frog Hyla regilla
Ranidae (True Frogs) Bullfrog Rana catesbeiana
Emydidae (Box and Water Turtles) Western Pond Turtle Clemmys marmorata
General Information

Plant List

Acer negundo var.californicum Box Elder
Alisma lanceolatum Water Plantain
Echinodorus berteroi Burhead
Sagittaria latifolia Arrowhead
Toxicodendron diversilobum Poison Oak
Daucus carota Wild carrot
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Planting Instructions for California Wildflowers

When to Plant

If planting into a “wild” area, where the seeds will be left on their own, it is best to plant in late fall (Oct or Nov). The seeds will germinate when the ground has received enough rain and can use the rain irrigation to get somewhat established before the rain season ends.

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