Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities


Regional San employs a broad range of talented individuals in a wide variety of professions. We contract with the County of Sacramento to provide our workforce, so all applications for Regional San positions are processed through the Sacramento County Employment Services Office. For a complete list of job classes we offer, visit the Job Classifications section below.

There are a number of reasons to consider a career with us, including challenging and fulfilling work, competitive pay and benefits, and living in a great region.

Here are some positions we are actively recruiting for:

Water Quality Control Systems Technician and Senior Technicians (hiring multiple positions) To apply, click here.

Assistant Engineer (ACE)

Maintenance Worker

Sanitation District Mechanic I/II

Stationary Engineer

Associate Civil Engineer

Account Clerk Level I/II

Senior Account Clerk

Environmental Specialist Levels I/II/III

Environmental Specialist III

Regional San Internship Opportunities

Click here to learn more about some of the careers, advancement opportunities, and education requirements at Regional San.

Job Classifications

Below is a complete list of the job classifications that Regional San hires for. Prospective employees can click on the links below to learn more about each job classification. These links will route you to the County’s employment website. Want to be notified when a job classification is open and available to apply for? Click the SUBSCRIBE button of the job description to fill out a job interest card, and you’ll be notified via email when that job classification opens for recruitment. For a complete list of job classifications the County is currently accepting applications for, visit the County’s Job Opportunities website.

Account Clerk Level I/II


Accounting Manager

Accounting Technician

Administrative Services Officer I

Administrative Services Officer II

Administrative Services Officer III

Administrator Sanitation Districts Agency

Assistant Engineer – Civil (Level I/II)

Assistant Mechanical Engineer Level I/II

Assistant Underground Construction Maintenance Specialist

Associate Civil Engineer

Associate Electrical Engineer

Associate Mechanical Engineer


Building Maintenance Worker



Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Chief Scientist

Chief Storekeeper

Clerical Supervisor I

Contract Services Officer Level I/II

Contract Services Specialist Level I/II

Customer Service Officer

Deputy Director Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Operations

Director of Internal Services

Director of Policy and Planning

Director of Sacramento Area Sewer District Operations

Director of Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Operations


Engineer Architect Student Intern – FR

Engineer Architect Student Intern – GS

Engineer Architect Student Intern – JR

Engineer Architect Student Intern – SO

Engineering Technician Level I/II

Environmental Laboratory Analyst

Environmental Program Manager I

Environmental Program Manager II

Environmental Specialist III

Environmental Specialist IV

Environmental Specialist Level I/II

Equipment Mechanic

Executive Secretary

Facilities Manager

Fleet Manager

Geographic Information Systems Analyst III

Geographic Information Systems Analyst Level I/II

Geographic Information Systems Technician III

Geographic Information Systems Technician Level I/II

Industrial Waste Inspector Level I/II

Information Technology Applications Analyst Level I/II

Information Technology Business Systems Analyst Level I/II

Information Technology Infrastructure Analyst Level I/II

Information Technology Manager

Maintenance Worker

Mechanical Maintenance Manager

Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor

Natural Resource Specialist Level I/II

Natural Resource Supervisor

Office Specialist Level I/II (Confidential)


Permit and Environmental Regulatory Consultant Level I/II

Permit and Environmental Regulatory Officer

Principal Civil Engineer

Principal Engineer/Architect

Principal Engineering Technician

Principal Information Technology Analyst

Public Information Officer

Safety Specialist

Safety Technician

Sanitation District Assistant Business Analyst

Sanitation District Associate Business Analyst

Sanitation District Data Management Supervisor

Sanitation District Data Management Technician Level I/II

Sanitation District Interceptor Superintendent

Sanitation District Laboratory Manager

Sanitation District Laboratory Quality Assurance Officer

Sanitation District Maintenance and Operations Assistant

Sanitation District Maintenance and Operations Assistant Superintendent

Sanitation District Maintenance and Operations Manager

Sanitation District Maintenance and Operations Senior Technician

Sanitation District Maintenance and Operations Superintendent

Sanitation District Maintenance and Operations Supervisor

Sanitation District Maintenance and Operations Technician

Sanitation District Mechanic III

Sanitation District Mechanic Level I/II

Sanitation District Planner Scheduler I

Sanitation District Planner Scheduler II

Sanitation District Planner Scheduler III

Sanitation District Planner Scheduler Manager

Sanitation District Principal Data Management Technician

Sanitation District Process Control Systems Analyst Level I/II

Sanitation District Public Affairs Manager

Sanitation District Purchasing Manager

Sanitation District Senior Business Analyst

Sanitation District Senior Data Management Technician

Sanitation District Senior Process Control Systems Analyst

Scientist Level I/II


Senior Account Clerk

Senior Accountant

Senior Accounting Manager

Senior Administrative Analyst

Senior Civil Engineer

Senior Contract Services Officer

Senior Electrical Engineer

Senior Engineering Technician

Senior Environmental Laboratory Analyst

Senior Equipment Mechanic

Senior Geographic Information Systems Analyst

Senior Instrumentation Control Systems Engineer

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Senior Natural Resource Specialist

Senior Office Assistant

Senior Office Specialist (Confidential)

Senior Public Information Officer

Senior Safety Specialist

Senior Stationary Engineer

Senior Training and Development Specialist

Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

Senior Water Quality Control System Technician

Stationary Engineer I

Stationary Engineer II

Stock Clerk

Storekeeper I

Storekeeper II

Student Intern

Supervising Engineering Technician

Supervising Information Technology Analyst

Training and Development Specialist Level I/II

Treatment Plant Operations & Maintenance Manager I

Treatment Plant Operations & Maintenance Manager II

Underground Construction and Maintenance Specialist

Underground Construction and Maintenance Supervisor

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Supervisor

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator I/II

Water Quality Control System Supervisor

Water Quality Control System Technician

Water Quality Laboratory Supervisor

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