Current Monthly Rates

Category Current Rate
Single-Family Residential $37.00/month for each
single-family residence
Multi-Family Residential $27.75/month for each
multi-family dwelling unit
$22.20/month for each
age-restricted dwelling unit
Commercial Basic rate ($37.00)
times factor in ordinance
Groundwater & Temporary
Flow = $783 per MG
TSS = $255 per 1,000 lbs.
BOD = $378 per 1,000 lbs.
TKN = $1,158 per 1,000 lbs.
Pathogens = $399 per MG domestic flow

For rate-related questions, please call: (916) 875-5555.

Current Rates for Liquid Waste Haulers

Waste Type Waste Disposal Site Rate per Gallon
Septage and Portable Toilet Waste SRWTP* Headworks or Receiving Station at Roseville/Watt 5.3¢
FOG SRWTP Biogas Enhancement Facility 9.6¢
FOG SRWTP Headworks or Receiving Station at Roseville/Watt 15¢

* SRWTP = Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

Note: The minimum monthly charge for any permitted Liquid Waste Hauler is $33/month for the purpose of recovering administrative costs. Billings based on 90% of tank capacity per discharge.

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