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New Environmental Regulations Require Higher Levels of Wastewater Treatment

In response to the decline of the San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta ecosystem and concerns over ammonia, nitrates and pathogens, a series of tough new water quality requirements were imposed on us by the State of California through our discharge permit. Significant upgrades to our wastewater treatment plant must be completed by 2021–2023. These upgrades, known as the EchoWater Project, are expected to cost about $1.7 billion to build and approximately $50 million in additional yearly operations and maintenance costs. 

While funding the EchoWater Project has required several years of gradual rate increases, residential rates will now remain steady at the current level.

Category Current Rate
Single-Family Residential $37.00/month for each
single-family residence
Multi-Family Residential $27.75/month for each
multi-family dwelling unit
$22.20/month for each
age-restricted dwelling unit
Commercial Basic rate ($37.00)
times factor in ordinance
Groundwater & Temporary
Flow = $783 per MG
TSS = $255 per 1,000 lbs.
BOD = $378 per 1,000 lbs.
TKN = $1,158 per 1,000 lbs.
Pathogens = $399 per MG domestic flow

For rate-related questions, please call: (916) 875-5555.

Current Rates for Liquid Waste Haulers

Waste Type Waste Disposal Site Rate per Gallon
Septage and Portable Toilet Waste SRWTP* Headworks or Receiving Station at Roseville/Watt 5.3¢
FOG SRWTP Biogas Enhancement Facility 9.6¢
FOG SRWTP Headworks or Receiving Station at Roseville/Watt 15¢

* SRWTP = Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

Note: The minimum monthly charge for any permitted Liquid Waste Hauler is $33/month for the purpose of recovering administrative costs. Billings based on 90% of tank capacity per discharge.

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