Development Services & Plan Check

Development Services & Plan Check


Development Services

The primary function of Regional San’s Development Services group is to coordinate the review and approval of sanitary sewer applications for all new development projects within Regional San’s service area.

Review of these applications includes examination of development plans, technical reports, environmental documents and supporting sewer studies. Development Services works with the development community and our contributing agencies to coordinate and plan for sewer service.

Development Services performs the following tasks:

  • Reviews and approves sewer studies for developments to ensure studies are consistent with the Regional San Interceptor Sequencing Study (ISS)
  • Coordinates with the development community, including:
    • Coordinates with the developer’s engineer
    • Attends development meetings and documents the progress of projects through letters, meeting notes, emails, etc., to create a record of commitments should a binding agreement be required
    • Coordinates with contributing agencies during entitlement document review
    • Provides overall project tracking

Please note that sewer service requests and questions related to the local sewer collection system should be addressed to the contributing agency serving the proposed development. Development questions pertaining to the Regional San interceptor system or treatment plant should be directed to Regional San’s Development Services group (contact info below).

Plan Check

The primary function of plan checking is to review improvement plans for conformance with Regional San’s design criteria and improvement plans, easements and encroachment permits for conflict with existing and planned Regional San facilities and/or easements.

Plan Check performs the following services:

  • Reviews improvement plans for conformance with Regional San Design Criteria
  • Conducts occasional field visits for design purposes or construction verification
  • Reviews encroachment permits
  • Provides development-related easement review in conformance with the Regional San Easement Encroachment Policy
  • Provides development-related construction support
  • Provides overall project tracking

Cost Schedule for Construction Activities

The most up-to-date cost schedule can be found on the Sacramento Area Sewer District’s website at

Utility Coordination Review

Regional San adheres to the Utility Coordination Procedures that were established by the City of Sacramento (City) and County of Sacramento (County) in 1992. Project Engineers responsible for the development of plans and specifications for City or County projects are responsible for coordinating with utility companies during the design and preconstruction phase of the work using the utility letter “A, B and C” process. Regional San reviews these utility letters to ensure that there are no conflicts between the proposed project and Regional San facilities and/or easements.

The Utility Coordination Procedures (December 1992) are provided for your reference along with the Utility Letter “A, B and C” Plan Distribution Contact List for Jurisdictions and Utilities within Sacramento County.

Contact Information

Development Services, Plan Check & Utility Coordination

Robb Armstrong, Principal Engineering Technician
10060 Goethe Road
Sacramento, CA 95827
Phone: (916) 876-6104
Plan Check Email:
Development Services Email:

Regional San Underground Service Alert (USA)

Ben Stone
8521 Laguna Station Road
Elk Grove, CA 95758
Phone: (916) 875-9147

Regional San Sewer Impact Fee Quote Desk

Phone: 916-876-6100

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