Creek Week – Birds & Blooms Tour


The Fishhead Lake mitigation wetland is a nice example of wetlands created as mitigation for earlier wetland losses. The wetland has both a permanent and seasonal component as well as a surrounding upland buffer. Thousands of waterfowl winter at the wetland and many remain year-round to nest and raise young. Much of the area is planted to native wildflowers that bloom in early spring. California poppies, lupines, owl’s clover, baby blue-eyes, and many others can be seen spreading about the uplands and wetland edges. Visitors will receive a packet of native flower seeds to start their own native garden.

The meeting location is weather-dependent, so please contact Roger Jones at (916) 875-9174 or to confirm your reservation and meeting location. Please note, we can only take reservations the week preceding the event.

No Pets, Please! For all Bufferlands events, we respectfully request that you please leave your dogs and other pets at home.

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