Virtual Evening Talk: Winter and Wetland Birds


The Bufferlands is home to more than 240 species of birds. January and February are among the most active months of the year, and over 150 species may be found on the Buffelands, from winter visitors to year-round residents. A diversity of habitats leads to the diversity of birds, and this talk will focus on the birds you are likely to find around the wetlands, riparian forests, and surrounding grasslands of the Bufferlands. This is a great opportunity to learn about our common birds, touch up on identification, and go a little more in-depth with some of our interesting species. A wide range of species will be covered, ranging from Arctic-breeding geese, ducks, cranes, shorebirds, raptors, plus wintering songbirds from thrushes to finches to sparrows. This is a great primer if you plan to join us for the Bufferlands Bird Walk on February 5th.

To join this virtual presentation, please use the link below. The link will be live shortly before presentation time. Please join with your microphone muted.

If you can’t join us “live”, the presentation will be recorded and made available for viewing on our website.

Meeting ID: 160 977 0772
Passcode: 353182

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