Financial Reports

Financial Reports


This section provides an extensive collection of financial resources, including budget books, audited financial statements, long-term financial plans, and financing authority reports.

General Information

ACFRs – Audited Financial Statements

Financial Strength Gives Ratepayers Value

Regional San takes great pride in our financial strength and tradition of wise financial management. We know that a strong financial position conserves our ratepayers’ dollars and ensures we can continue providing high quality service for years to come.

For those investors who seek detailed financial information, we are happy to make excerpts from Regional San’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) available in downloadable form. Each ACFR covers a fiscal year beginning July 1 and ending June 30 of the following year.

2022 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

2021 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

General Information

Single Audits

A Single Audit, also known as the OMB Circular A-133, is an organization-wide examination of any entity that spends $500,000 or more in Federal grants each year. The Single Audit’s objective is to provide assurance that Federal grant money is being managed properly. Below are the Single Audits that Regional San has received in the years that $500,000 or more of Federal grant money was expended.

Single Audit Report 2016-17

Single Audit Report 2012-13

Single Audit Report 2011-12

General Information

Long-Term Financial Plan

Long-Term Financial Plans are designed to help us focus resources on issues influencing Regional San’s financial position during the next 10 years, identifying financial risks and opportunities. They also outline some strategies for meeting those challenges while maximizing opportunities for providing the most value, at the lowest possible cost, for our ratepayers.

Regional San Long-Term Financial Plan – 2023 Update


Transaction Reports

Under Government Code Section 12463, all districts, other than school districts, are required to annually furnish reports of financial transactions to the California State Controller’s Office in the California State Controller’s Office’s prescribed time, form, and manner.

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