New Treatment Processes

General Information

Regional San’s 2010 discharge permit contains strict mandates that require us to construct new “tertiary” treatment processes for ammonia and nitrate removal, as well as filtration and enhanced disinfection:

Ammonia and nitrate removal: A proven process called “biological nutrient removal” (BNR)  eliminates nearly all ammonia and most nitrate from the effluent (treated water), addressing concerns about possible impacts these constituents may have on the ecosystem, both here and downstream. 

Filtration and enhanced disinfection: Filtration removes smaller particles and more pathogens from the effluent (compared with the existing treatment process). Additional disinfection also inactivates pathogens that may remain even after treatment.

New Biological Nutrient Removal facilities at SRWTP are now operational

As the last major project facility still being constructed for the EchoWater Project, the Tertiary Treatment Facilities will provide enhanced filtration and disinfection.

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