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The resources below help explain the details and benefits of Harvest Water.

Harvest Water SOIA/Annexation

1. Executive Summary for LAFCo

2. Letter to LAFCo

3. Outreach Summary and LAFCo Meeting Record

4a. FSL Letter of Support

4b. EGWD-FRCD Letter of Sppport

4c. SCFB Letter of Support

4d. SCGA Letter of Support

5. Harvest Water Plan for Services and Financing Plan

6. Harvest Water Final Draft MSR

6a. Exhibit A - Service Area_rev1

6b. Exhibit B - Organization Chart

6c. Exhibit C - Regional San Purchasing Procedure

6d. Exhibit D - 2019 Comprehensive Financial Report

6e. Exhibit E - Service Areas Map

6f. Exhibit F - Regional San Facilities Map

6g. Exhibit G - 2019 Long Term Financial Plan

6h. Exhibit H - FY 20-21 Budget

6i. Exhibit I - Regional San's Fixed Assets

7. Harvest Water_LAFCo Consistency Analysis

8a. Harvest Water_VOL 1_Draft EIR_South County Ag_July 2016

8b. Harvest Water_VOL 2_FINAL EIR_South County Ag_January 2017

9. Harvest Water_ EcoPlan Wintertime EIR Addendum Final

10. Harvest Water_Distribution and Lateral Pipelines Initial Study Checklist

Letter of Transmittal

Table of Contents

Press Releases & Media Coverage

Regional San’s Landmark Recycled Water Program Gets New Name – Press Release, July 8, 2020

Water Recycling Project Promises Supply for Farms – Ag Alert, June 24, 2020

Sacramento Region Gets Significant Boost to Increase Recycled Water Use – Press Release, September 16, 2019

Regional San to Receive $280.5 Million in Prop. 1 Funds to Expand Water Recycling in the Sacramento Region – Press Release, July 24, 2018

Informational Sheets

Program Overview & Principles for Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Map

EcoPlan Fact Sheet



Technical Documents

Groundwater Accounting EIR Addendum

Ecological Plan and Wintertime Application EIR Addendum

Lateral Pipelines and On-Farm Connections Project – Initial Study Checklist – August 2020

Water Storage Investment Program – Executive Summary – 2018

Facilities Plan – August 2017

Final Environmental Impact Report – January 2017

Draft Environmental Impact Report – July 2016

Feasibility Study – January 2015

Feasibility Study – January 2015 – Appendices

Water Recycling Opportunities Study – Executive Summary – 2007

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