South County Ag Program Feasibility Study

General Information

Regional San has identified areas in Sacramento County that could benefit from the use of recycled water. Regional San is therefore conducting a study to determine the feasibility of providing recycled water to agricultural and wildlife habitat lands in the south portion of the county. This study is being conducted as part of Regional San’s proposed South Sacramento County Agriculture and Habitat Lands Water Recycling Program (South County Ag Program).

In accordance with the California Department of Public Health Standards and the California Water Code, the recycled water will be used only on allowed crops and for other permitted uses.

Study Overview

The feasibility study is focused on 42,000 acres of land located south of the City of Elk Grove and north of the Cosumnes River. These lands fall within three areas: (1) the Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, (2) the City of Elk Grove’s proposed “sphere of influence” (land outside city limits envisioned for potential development or annexation), and (3) the south portion of Sacramento County (south of the City’s sphere of influence).

As part of the feasibility study, Regional San’s team is evaluating options for recycled water transmission and distribution systems. Regional San is meeting with stakeholder agencies and potential recycled water users to consider their land use in determining seasonal water needs and recycled water infrastructure alternatives.

The feasibility study will evaluate alternatives to deliver recycled water to the south county area. Regional San will pursue local, state and federal funding to help finance phased water delivery projects. With sufficient funding, projects will be presented to the Regional San Board of Directors for approval to move forward with design and construction. Agreements for the use of recycled water will be developed as distribution systems become available.

Study Elements

This study will include the following key elements:

  • Development of a market assessment
  • Evaluation of existing water supplies
  • Feasibility of using a new river intake
  • Evaluation of groundwater recharge opportunities
  • Storage analysis
  • Identification of transmission, distribution and pumping facilities
  • Identification of regulatory, legal and institutional requirements
  • Development and evaluation of alternatives for recycled water use and delivery
  • Stakeholder and public outreach efforts with key stakeholders and agencies
  • Development of a Feasibility Study Report

Study Resources

Feasibility Study

South County Ag Feasibility Study – January 2015

South County Ag Feasibility Study – January 2015 – Appendices

Program Information

Issue Brief

Feasibility Study FAQs


Press Release: SRCSD Selected for Two Federal Grants


Study Area Boundaries

Types of Crops

Study Timeline

The study is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2013.


We encourage you to check back for updated information. If you’d like to speak with someone regarding the project, please contact Jose Ramirez at (916) 876-6059 or via email at

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