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The resources below help explain the details and benefits of Harvest Water.

Press Releases & Media Coverage

Regional San receives $291.8 million in Prop 1 grant funding for Harvest Water – California’s newest and largest agricultural water recycling project – Press Release, June 21, 2023

Regional San Awarded Funding for Project – Press Release, March 17, 2022

Regional San Project to Receive Grant Funding – Press Release, August 12, 2021

Regional San’s Landmark Recycled Water Program Gets New Name – Press Release, July 8, 2020

Water Recycling Project Promises Supply for Farms – Ag Alert, June 24, 2020

Sacramento Region Gets Significant Boost to Increase Recycled Water Use – Press Release, September 16, 2019

Regional San to Receive $280.5 Million in Prop. 1 Funds to Expand Water Recycling in the Sacramento Region – Press Release, July 24, 2018

Informational Sheets

Comparing Recycled Water to Local Groundwater

Frequently Asked Questions

EcoPlan Fact Sheet

Environmental Documents

Vehicle Turnouts-EIR Addendum (CEQA) – May 2021

Groundwater Accounting Project - EIR Addendum (CEQA) - March 2021

Appendix A – Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Modeling

Ecological Plan and Wintertime Application Projects-EIR Addendum (CEQA) -January 2021

Appendix A – Landowner Checklist

Appendix B – Loading and Mixing Analysis

Lateral Pipelines and On-Farm Connections Project – Initial Study Checklist (CEQA)– August 2020

Appendix A – Greenhouse Gas Emissions Technical Report

Appendix B – Biological Resources Technical Report

Appendix C – Land Owner Checklist (see updated checklist above)

Final Program Environmental Impact Report (CEQA) – January 2017

Draft Program Environmental Impact Report (CEQA)– July 2016

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