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Our Environmental Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art facility meets critical analytical needs


The Regional San Environmental Laboratory has been in operation at the EchoWater Resource Recovery Facility since 1982. The laboratory employs trained, professional environmental scientists and technical staff committed to providing quality services to meet both routine and challenging analytical needs for studies or monitoring programs.

Our Goal

Our goal is to consistently provide our customers with reliable, high‑quality environmental laboratory services. In order to achieve this objective, we maintain close working relationships with our customers and offer manageable solutions tailored to meet individual customer or program needs.

Laboratory Activities

In addition to providing the standard services (including trace metals, organics, conventional chemistry, bacteriological, microbiological and toxicological analysis), the laboratory also conducts field monitoring and sample collection of ground waters and monitors the water quality of the Sacramento and American Rivers around the Sacramento metropolitan area. To accomplish this task, the laboratory owns the Guardian, a 27-foot, all-weather aluminum boat. At least once a week, a laboratory boat crew travels the river, collecting water samples and performing water quality measurements of the river at various locations.

For More Information

If you need additional information about the laboratory, you can call our Laboratory Manager, Srivi Ramamoorthy, at (916) 875-9020.

The Regional San Environmental Laboratory is located at 8521 Laguna Station Road, Elk Grove, CA 95758-9550.

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Confluence Regional Partnership Grant Program

This grant program is designed to help fund projects that assist the community and advance our mission, vision, values, and goals. We are interested in your ideas and efforts that advance environmental, educational, and economic vitality in the Sacramento region. Learn more!

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Regional San Recognized as a Utility of the Future Today

At Regional San, we take seriously our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. We were recently honored as a Utility of the Future Today—an international program aimed at recognizing forward-thinking utilities that recover resources from

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2020 Treatment Plant Tours –
Sign Up Today!

Regional San offers FREE behind-the-scenes tours of the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, where you can learn first-hand where your wastewater goes, how it’s cleaned, and what parts of it are recycled. You’ll also receive the latest updates on one of the largest public works projects in our region—the EchoWater Project. Make your reservation today! (Too busy to take a full tour? Check out our Virtual Tour!)


EchoWater Project Update Hits the Streets

The 2017 issue of the annual EchoWater Project newsletter has now been mailed to all Regional San customers. This issue focuses on the biological nutrient removal project, the project’s low-cost financing, and challenges faced and met during 2017. It also features a spotlight on the tertiary treatment facilities team and their role in optimizing project delivery. Look for it in your mailbox, or click the image above!

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Open Trails Day This Saturday!

Join us this Saturday, October 14, anytime from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm to enjoy the Bufferlands at your own pace. More than five miles of trails will be marked and open to stroll around the wetlands, lakes, and riparian forests. Bring a camera and binoculars. There are plenty of birds to see this time of year, and many plants are beginning to show fall colors. A time of transition, waterfowl and other wintering birds are arriving while many others are migrating through. Mammal sightings could range from jack rabbits and deer to beavers and river otters.

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Water you thinking?

We care about clean water. To share that message better with you, Regional San and the Water Research Foundation (WRF) want your thoughts and opinions about your water/wastewater services. What’s in it for you? By making your voice heard, you’ll be helping us engage our customers with more compelling and interesting communications. Just click here to take WRF’s short survey.

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Twilight on the Bufferlands Tours

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore some of the Great Central Valley habitats at dusk on the Bufferlands. During these twilight tours, participants will have a chance to see beavers, river otters, muskrats, raccoons, owls, and more. The last tour of the summer is on September 20, so don’t miss out!


Proposed 5-Year Rate Increase Plan

Public Hearing on March 8, 2017

Regional San is informing customers of a proposed five-year rate increase to fund the EchoWater Project, a massive upgrade to our wastewater treatment plant being built to meet stringent new environmental regulations. Learn more about the proposed increases, upcoming informational meetings, and a public hearing on March 8, 2017, during which our Board of Directors will consider the rate increase plan. 

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Read the Latest EchoWater Newsletter

Check out the latest news about construction of one of the largest public works projects in the Sacramento region’s history—the EchoWater Project. This monumental Regional San project is a multi-year effort to implement State-required upgrades to our wastewater treatment plant in Elk Grove in order to remove ammonia from our discharge and add filtration and enhanced disinfection processes.

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Recycled Water Fill Station Open!

Regional San’s recycled water fill station is now open to help the Sacramento region conserve precious potable water supplies during the dry season. Residential and commercial customers can sign up to obtain safe recycled water for irrigating lawns, gardens, and landscaping, or for dust control or other permitted uses. To learn more and sign up for the FREE program, click here.

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