Impact Fees


Impact Fees

In order to buy into Regional San’s wastewater conveyance and treatment system, builders, developers, and industries pay impact fees to connect. The amount of fees required depends on a number of factors, including location of parcel, use of parcel, and characteristics of  wastewater being discharged. In addition, there are various programs or options available that can affect when and how payments are made for fees. See the Regional San Consolidated Ordinance for detailed information.

The Economic Development Treatment Capacity Bank Program provides a discount on sewer impact fees to new customers connecting to Regional San’s sewer system. Find out more.

General Information

Impact Fees

Effective July 1, 2017

Customer Class New Areas Infill Areas
Single-Family Residential $5,827 per single-family residence $3,358 per single-family residence
Multi-Family Residential $4,370 per dwelling unit $2,519 per dwelling unit
Residential Developments
$3,496 per age-restricted dwelling unit $2,015 per age-restricted dwelling unit
Commercial Basic impact fee times factor in ordinance.
Industrial* Flow = $153 per 1,000 gallons Flow = $71 per 1,000 gallons
TSS = $14,409 per 1,000 lbs
BOD = $44,665 per 1,000 lbs
Ammonia (TKN) = $103,727 per 1,000 lbs
Pathogens = $22 per 1,000 gallons of domestic flow

Contributing Agency Fee Pages

Sacramento Area Sewer District
City of Sacramento
City of Folsom
City of West Sacramento

* Based on flow and loadings of the maximum month of discharge.

Please call the Wastewater Source Control Section at (916) 875-6470 for more details on industrial Impact Fees.


Economic Development Treatment Capacity Bank Program

Regional San set up the Economic Development Treatment Capacity Bank Program (Econ Bank) to promote economic development within the Sacramento area by distributing Econ Bank credits to jurisdictions within its service area.