Major Wastewater Treatment Plant Spills

Major Wastewater Treatment Plant Spills



A major wastewater treatment plant spill occurs when wastewater that is not fully treated leaves the treatment plant property, gets into a stream or river, endangers public health and/or creates a nuisance.


As a major wastewater treatment plant spill represents catastrophic failure, a target of 0 has been set for this service level.


Our performance with this service level reflects proper capacity, operation and maintenance of facilities at the wastewater treatment plant.

Critical Impacts

Critical work activities that influence our performance on this service level include planning for adequate system capacity; designing reliable facilities; maintaining facilities to assure that they are in good operating condition; training staff to assure that good operational practices are followed; and implementing methods to detect and respond to spills quickly. Even if facilities are managed properly, spills can still occur because of extreme or unusual operating conditions.

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