Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)


Regional San is required to comply with the State Water Resources Control Board Order No. 2006-0003, Statewide General Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) for Sanitary Sewer Systems. The purpose of the Order is to require agencies to prepare a plan and schedule for measures to be implemented to reduce Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs), as well as measures to effectively clean-up and report SSOs.

For more information about the WDR, visit the Water Resources Control Board webpage.

The final SSMP Document for Regional San is posted below. You may submit your comments on the SSMP at any time. Regional San will review all comments before periodically updating the SSMP document.

Links to the major supporting documents referenced in the SSMP are also provided below. Supporting documents not linked on the public webpage are available for in-person viewing at the EchoWater Resource Recovery Facility. Please contact Anna Johnson or Jared Wagoner at (916) 875-9000 if you would like to schedule a visit to view the entire collection of supporting documentation referenced in the SSMP.

SSMP Documents

SSMP Audit 2021

SSMP Audit 2019

2019 Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)

SSMP Audit 2017

SSMP Audit 2015

SSMP Audit 2013

SSMP Supporting Documentation

Board Approval of Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)

Access Request Procedure

2000 Interceptor Master Plan

2000 Interceptor Master Plan Reconciliation Report

CMID Construction Management and Inspection Procedures Manual

County Standard Construction Specifications

Interceptor Design Manual

Interceptor Sequencing Study (ISS) - Final Report

Map of Historical SSO Locations

Master Interagency Agreement

Documentation's GIS Policies

Regional San Sewer Use Ordinance

Pump Station Design Manual

Sanitary Sewer Spill Emergency Response Plan

Enforcement Response Plan

Referring Pages

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