Channel Aeration Blower Design Submittal
Posted February 16, 2018

Regional San has elected to post the design submittal for the Channel Aeration Blower (CAB) project to be undertaken as part of the EchoWater project. Black and Veatch is the lead designer of the CAB project and will be responsible for the drawings and review of the construction associated with the Project. The bid documents will be distributed as one complete set of drawings and specifications that covers all elements of the project. As of the date for this document, the design for the CAB project is between design submittal #3 and bid set.  All references to drawings and specifications contained herein relate to the Design submittal #3 that can be accessed at the following Dropbox address:

Bid Advertisement: March 15, 2018

Questions about the CAB project must be submitted electronically to Maggie Kido, at the following email address