Recycled Water at-a-Glance

General Information

Why it makes sense: 

  • Increased use of water recycling reduces the region’s dependence on groundwater and surface water supplies for non-potable water uses.
  • Water recycling provides an environmentally responsible and safe water supply for environmental restoration projects, such as wetlands.
  • Water recycling can also help with Clean Water Act compliance and meeting future discharge regulations.

Why it’s safe:

  • Recycled water is delivered through purple pipes that are completely separate from the potable (drinking) water p ipes.
  • Routine inspections are conducted to ensure no cross connection between potable water pipes and recycled water pipes has occurred.
  • The water recycling facility and distribution system are monitored continuously.
  • Regional San’s recycled water facility is designed to provide the highest possible degree of treatment under varying circumstances.

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