Request for Proposals for Solar PV PPA Project

Posted November 23, 2015


The Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the design, installation, financing, ownership and operation of a solar photovoltaic system under a Power Purchase Agreement at RegionalSan’s wastewater treatment facility at 8521 Laguna Station Rd., Elk Grove, CA. A link to the main body of the RFP is provided below. The remaining RFP documents are being made available online to interested firms.

Interested firms should email a request to to access the full RFP folder and documents on our cloud server ( One access login will be provided per firm, which may be shared throughout the firm. The request should include name, title, firm, email address and contact phone number. After submitting the request, firms will receive an email with login information from Egnyte, the web-based platform that hosts the RFP documents. Firms that have sent a request and did not receive an email from Egnyte should call Sage at 415.663.9914. Emails from Egnyte occasionally end up in spam folders, please check before calling.

Mandatory Site Walk Registration: A mandatory pre-proposal conference and site walk will be held on Wednesday, December 2 at 10:00 am. Interested firms must pre-register by 2pm on Tuesday, December 1 by emailing your firm’s attendee list to: The conference and site walk will meet and begin at 8521 Laguna Station Rd., Elk Grove, CA. Note, there is a security gate and check-in process to enter the site, please allow time to check-in.

Project Overview

  • System to be sized to meet 25-year production target of 175,000 MWh
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • 12kV interconnect, non-export, SMUD territory
  • Construction Spring/Summer 2016
  • Key project constraint is to minimize the footprint of the groundmount array
  • Two options being considered: 1 ) Groundmount only , 2) Groundmount and parking lot canopies
  • Base proposal for groundmount is fixed tilt. Tracker may be provided as alternate bid.
  • ​0% PPA escalator for base case, up to 2.5% escalator allowed as alternate bid.


RFP Release: Friday, 11/20/15

Mandatory Site Walk Pre-registration: Tuesday, 12/1/15  2:00pm

Mandatory Site Walk: Wednesday, 12/2/15 10:00am start

RFP Responses Due: Tuesday, 12/22/15   2:00pm​

Top Vendor Notified: January 2016

Target Contract Award: March 2016

Substantial Completion: September 2016

Final Completion: December 2016

Minimum Qualifications

The following key minimum qualification is required of proposing firms or teams. Additional qualification requirements are provided in the RFP.

Within the last five (5) years Proposer has: 

a) Constructed at least three (3) solar PV projects of 500 kWp or larger. For Proposers including a cost proposal for Option 1, at least one of the representative projects must be a groundmount project. For Proposers including a cost proposal for Option 2, at least one of the representative projects must include canopy structures in parking areas.

b) Financed at least two (2) Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) projects of at least 1 MWp each that Proposer’s Firm currently owns and operates under a PPA.


Please direct all correspondence and inquiries to

You can also contact Regional San’s project manager:

Steve Nebozuk
Senior Civil Engineer
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District
Policy and Planning Department
10060 Goethe Road
Sacramento, CA  95827

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