RFB #8238 – Chemical Handling Area Decommissioning Project

Posted January 16, 2018


Due Date: April 3, 2018 [EXTENDED]

Pre-Bid Meeting: March 6, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.
A MANDATORY Pre-Bid Meeting will be held at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (8521 Laguna Station Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95758). The purpose of the meeting is to review and clarify project requirements, respond to questions from the bidders and allow prospective bidders the opportunity to walk the project area, which will provide additional clarification as to what needs to be decommissioned. It is the responsibility of prospective bidders to familiarize themselves with all requirements of the solicitation and identify any issues at this meeting. Pre-Bid Meeting attendees must e-mail Dane Coyle at chd@sacsewer.com with attendee names no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting. This information is required to provide access at the Treatment Plant’s security gate.

Question Due Date: March 23, 2018

The issuing officer and mailing address to send Bids, questions, and all other correspondence concerning this
RFB is:
Tamblynn Stewart
Senior Contract Services Officer
Regional San
(916) 875-9014

The project contact for this RFB is:
Dane Coyle, PE
Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWTP)
Regional San

RFB #8238 – Chemical Handling Area Decommissioning Project

Vol. 1 – Drawings

Vol. 2 – Specifications

Pre-Bid Meeting Attendance List

Pre-Bid Meeting Presentation

Addendum #1

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Questions & Answers

Addendum #3

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