RFP #9087—Engineering Services For On-Farm Connections

Posted September 8, 2021


Pre-Proposal Meetings: September 21-22, 2021

Questions Deadline: September 29, 2021

Proposal Due Date: October 14, 2021 by 3 p.m.

RFP #9087 

Addendum 1

RFP #9087—Attachment A-On Farm Connections

RFP #9087—Attachment B-Design Contract Requirements

RFP #9087—Attachment C-CAD/BIM Standards

RFP #9087—Attachment D-Design Guidelines

RFP #9087—Attachment E-Design Consultant Project Management Requirements

RFP #9087—Attachment F-Design Consultant Cost Estimating Guidelines

RFP #9087—Attachment G-Topography Maps

RFP #9087—Attachment H-BCE Guidance

RFP #9087—Attachment I-Sample Labor Hour Matrix

RFP #9087—Attachment J-Sample Agreement

RFP #9087—Attachment K-Conflict Of Interest and Non-Collusion Affidavit

RFP #9087—Attachment L-Iran Contracting Act Disclosure Form

RFP #9087—Attachment M-Conflict of Interest Guidelines

RFP #9087—Attachment N-FPPC Advice Letter

RFP #9087—Attachment O-Transmission Main and Distribution Pipelines Basis of Design Report

RFP #9087—Attachment P-Harvest Water Pumping Station Basis of Design Report

BODR Attachment A - Hydraulic Model Development TM

BODR Attachment B - Mapbook

BODR Attachment C - PGE Transmission Line Map

BODR Attachment D - SMUD Design and Construction Reqs

BODR Attachment E - Potholing Info

BODR Attachment F - Sims vs. Bighorn Alignment Evaluation

BODR Attachment G - Erhardt Channel Crossing Alignment Evaluation

BODR Attachment H - Distribution Pipeline Realignment and Extension Evaluation

BODR Attachment I - Soil Bore Log Info

BODR Attachment J - Soil Resistivity Investigation

BODR Attachment K - Prelim Trenchless Evaluation

Pipeline Geotech Report

Pipeline Pressure Figures

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