Tim Mussen, PhD – Scientist


Tim Mussen joined Regional San’s Scientific Research Section in 2012. Mussen designs, coordinates, and collaborates on scientific research studies evaluating the ecological health of the Delta watershed and potential effects of nutrients and other constitutes discharged in wastewater effluent. Through participation in Delta-focused scientific workgroups and community events, Mussen promotes the use of the best available science to guide regulatory policies and management programs.

Mussen engages in a broad spectrum of aquatic science for Regional San, from the primary environmental drivers supporting populations of local endangered fishes to the sub-lethal responses of aquatic organisms due to chemical exposures.

Mussen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fish and Wildlife Biology and a Doctorate degree in Ecology from the University of California, Davis. During his academic studies, Mussen conducted extensive research on how aquatic animals sense and respond to the environment around them. His research identified the methods fish use to detect their food and avoid potentially threatening objects, such as water diversion intakes.

See Tim’s CV.

Contact Tim at mussent@sacsewer.com.

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