Traffic Management

Dwight Road entrance for EchoWater construction traffic

With multi-year construction of the EchoWater Project bringing more traffic to local roadways, especially along Laguna Boulevard between I-5 and Dwight Road, Regional San is working to minimize those impacts and be a good neighbor to the Elk Grove community.

Traffic impacts will vary as construction activities ebb and flow over the next few years. During periods of expected heavy activity, we will increase our outreach efforts to ensure the community is prepared.

EchoWater’s seven-year intensive construction began in the spring of 2015. At the peak of construction, more than 600 construction workers will be on site each day. Regional San is working to coordinate construction hours and traffic patterns to minimize the impacts to motorists and neighbors, especially during peak drive times.

Managing Construction Traffic

Project construction will generate vehicle trips from both the commutes of the construction workforce and the movement of construction equipment and material deliveries. The greatest level of traffic increase is expected to occur on Laguna Boulevard, especially between Dwight Road and I-5.

A new 4‑lane entrance to the treatment plant has already been constructed at Dwight Road north of Laguna Boulevard. The Sims Road entrance off of Franklin Boulevard will remain in use for regular plant staff and some of the construction workforce, but all other construction-related traffic (e.g., heavy equipment, off-haul vehicles, and deliveries) will access the site through Dwight Road. This will allow quick access to and from the freeway.

Regional San will direct hours of work to avoid the peak commute times, as feasible. As most construction traffic is expected to arrive at the project site by 7 a.m. and depart by mid-afternoon, the impacts should be more manageable than if the construction arrival and departure periods occurred at later times. Moreover, workforce traffic will be mostly “opposite” of peak commute traffic going to, or coming from, job centers downtown.

Regional San will also coordinate with the City of Elk Grove to monitor and model traffic patterns and adjust signal timing to improve traffic flow, as needed.

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