California’s Water Professionals Appreciation Week—October 7-15

Celebrating the Unsung Heroes Ensuring Clean and Safe Water for All

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SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – All life depends on water for survival. But while more than two-thirds of the earth is covered with water, preparing it for human use—and then cleaning it once used—takes a lot of work.

The Sacramento Area Sewer District (SacSewer) and Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) are proud to join communities across the nation in celebrating Water Professionals Appreciation Week, a time to recognize and honor the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to ensure clean and safe water for our residents. This annual event, which takes place during the first full week of October, highlights the crucial role that water professionals play in safeguarding public health and the environment.

Imagine a day when you couldn’t flush the toilet, take a shower, or wash the dishes. Just as important as the clean water that comes into your home is what happens to the dirty water that goes out. For most of the Sacramento region, that’s the job of SacSewer and Regional San.

SacSewer and Regional San provide wastewater collection, treatment, and resource recovery to more than one million people in the region. It takes a wide range of professionals to operate and maintain the 4,700 miles of sewer pipe and the EchoWater Resource Recovery Facility, located near Elk Grove.

“Water is one of our most precious resources, and we are extremely proud of our professionals and the vital role they play to manage, treat, and distribute it while safeguarding public health, supporting economic growth, and preserving the environment,” said Christoph Dobson, general manager for SacSewer and Regional San. “Although often unseen, the work we do is critically important.”

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Water Professionals Appreciation Week was established in September 2017 by the California Legislature via Senate Concurrent Resolution 80. This annual designation highlights the important role that water and wastewater professionals play in ensuring the safe and reliable management of water, wastewater, and recycled water in California.

The Sacramento Area Sewer District (SacSewer) is California’s second largest sewage collection utility and provides service to about 1.2 million people in the Sacramento region. SacSewer owns and operates 4,600 miles of sewer pipes, more than 100 pump stations, and is responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the sewer system. Learn more at

Regional San owns and operates the regional wastewater conveyance system and the EchoWater Resource Recovery Facility, which is located near Elk Grove, California. We provide wastewater conveyance, treatment, and resource recovery services to about 1.6 million people throughout the Sacramento region, and our facility is the second largest of its kind in the nation. Learn more at

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