Recycled Water Fill Station


Recycled Water Fill Station

NOTE: Regional San’s Recycled Water Fill Station is closed until spring. New users can still apply—simply follow application instructions on this page.

Residential and commercial customers can obtain recycled water from Regional San’s Recycled Water Fill Station during the dry season (spring through early fall). Recycled water produced at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant in Elk Grove can be used for watering lawns, gardens and landscaping, as well as dust control.

The station offers recycled water to residential and commercial users within Regional San’s service area. Recycled water is available free of charge to both residential and commercial users.

To obtain recycled water, you must:

  • Use the recycled water in Regional San’s service area
  • Request a training appointment and submit application
  • Receive your permit card
  • Provide your own container(s)

Location & Hours of Operation

Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
8521 Laguna Station Road
Elk Grove, CA 95758

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Note: Permitted users may visit the station anytime it is open. New users must first complete the application and training process explained below.

Application Process

Prior to using the fill station for the first time, you must request a training appointment and submit a completed application. Please read the requirements below and complete the form before your visit.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to participate in the Recycled Water Fill Station, a user must:

  • Apply the recycled water in Regional San’s service area
  • Request a training appointment
  • Submit required paperwork (provided after requesting training appointment)
  • Attend a mandatory on-site safety training on the proper use and handling of recycled water
  • COMMERCIAL USERS: Provide proof of vehicle registration, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance

Training Information

Participants must read the Rules Governing the Use of Recycled Water and fill out the form to request a training appointment.

Training is approximately 30 minutes. Space is limited at each training session. Trained users will be allowed to pick up recycled water after the training.

For your reference, please click here to view training material.

Please do not show up for training unless you have received a Temporary Gate Pass from our coordinator.


Required Safety Training

Prior to receiving a training appointment, users must read the Rules Governing the Use of Recycled Water.

Regional San staff will contact you to provide required paperwork. All recycled water users must complete and submit required paperwork and attend an on-site safety training. Once all paperwork has been completed and submitted, users will receive a Temporary Gate Pass. This Temporary Gate Pass should be shown to the security guard, allowing you access to the on-site training.

At the training appointment, the user will receive a permit card and stickers or magnets for recycled water containers or commercial trucks. For future visits, permitted users must bring these items (permit card and stickers or magnets) in order to receive recycled water.

Recycled Water Use Guidelines

Allowable Uses of Recycled Water

Regional San produces highly purified tertiary-treated recycled water that meets the requirements for Title 22 unrestricted use.

Recycled water IS suitable for:

  • Watering trees, gardens, vegetables, and lawns
  • Dust control
  • Decorative fountains
  • Toilet and urinal flushing
  • Surface washing hard surfaces (paths, walls, etc.)
  • Street sweeping

Recycled water is NOT suitable for:

  • Drinking
  • Cooking or use in the kitchen
  • Bathing or showering
  • Filling swimming pools or spas
  • Children’s water toys
  • Plumbing to the household domestic plumbing system

Recycled Water Containers

Users must provide their own containers with water-tight lids, and the containers must be secured for safe transport. For residential users, the minimum container size is one gallon with a limit of 300 gallons per visit.

Garbage cans (metal or plastic) are not suitable containers for safely transporting recycled water and will not be allowed.

Please note that water is heavy! 100 gallons weighs more than 800 pounds. Make sure your vehicle can support the extra load, and be sure to allow for extra stopping distances.

List of Stores that Sell Containers

Commercial User Information

Commercial users wanting to obtain recycled water have additional requirements. Please read the Rules Governing the Use of Recycled Water for complete information. Below are some highlights:

  • A commercial user will use a typical tanker or water truck to transport the recycled water.
  • Commercial users will be given magnets to be placed on both sides and back of tanker or water truck.

Questions? Contact us!

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For additional questions regarding the Recycled Water Fill Station, please call our 24-hour hotline at (916) 876-FILL or email us at