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For Residents

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About Us

Regional San owns and operates the regional wastewater conveyance system and the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant  located near Elk Grove, California. We serve a population of about 1.6 million in the region.

Our Mission

Regional San protects public health and the environment by conveying, treating, and recovering resources from wastewater responsibly and cost-effectively.


Age-Restricted Residential Development Customer Category

Regional San has a rate and fee category for developments with 21 or more units that are restricted to residents aged 55 years and older. This applies to single-family, multi-family, condos, apartments, and mobile home developments that meet the age restrictions and the required minimum number of age-restricted units. The age-restricted monthly rate is 60 percent of the regular single-family monthly rate. The new rate category became effective July 1, 2016.


Rate Assistance Program

Regional San offers eligible low-income customers a savings of $90 to $150 per year on the conveyance and treatment portion of their sewer bill, depending on the type of dwelling.

To qualify for the rebate, your name must appear on the sewer bill, you must meet certain income criteria, and you must live at the address for which the rebate is being requested. Only one rebate per customer.


Tour the Treatment Plant

Regional San hosts a series of free public tours at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. These educational tours are held between April and October and offer a unique, behind-the-scenes look at where our customers’ wastewater goes after they flush their toilets or wash their dishes. Additionally, participants learn how Regional San provides reliable service and protects our natural resources.

What to Expect:
  • Registration: Free, advanced registration required
  • Tour length: 3 hours (60 min. introduction presentation and walking tour)
  • Group size: 30-60 people
  • Dress code: Tour groups will be walking through industrial areas so closed-toed shoes are required

Water Efficient Toilet Rebate Program

Did you know that toilets account for more than a quarter of all indoor water use?

Regional San is committed to protecting the environment and educating the public on important water quality issues.

In an effort to help maximize the availability of the region’s precious water supplies, we have entered into an agreement with the Regional Water Authority to provide rebates for replacing high water consumption fixtures with more water efficient fixtures. Water customers may be eligible to receive a rebate up to $175 for installation of a High Efficiency Toilet.

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