Wastewater Discharge Permits

Pretreatment Program & Wastewater Discharge Permits


Regional San’s Wastewater Source Control Section administers the Pretreatment Program and is responsible for providing regulatory oversight of sewer discharges in our service area, with an emphasis on industrial and commercial (non-residential) customers. The goal is to protect the conveyance system and the EchoWater Resource Recovery Facility from harmful discharges, and there are many activities needed to do this, including permitting, sampling, enforcement, and oversight related to industrial discharges.

Additionally, Regional San implements significant source reduction programs, outreach and education programs, and incident response.

General Information

What businesses need a wastewater discharge permit?

Businesses that meet any of the following criteria may need to obtain a wastewater discharge permit:

  • Discharges 25,000 gallons or more of process wastewater per day (excluding domestic, non-contact cooling, and boiler blowdown wastewater)
  • Contributes a process wastestream that makes up 5% or more of the average dry weather hydraulic or organic capacity of the treatment plant
  • Discharges non-domestic wastewater that has a reasonable potential for adversely affecting the Regional San sewer system or for violating any Pretreatment Standard or Requirement
  • Is classified as a “categorical user” in accordance with the listing established by the EPA (40 CFR Chapter 1, Subchapter N, Parts 405-471)
  • Discharges more than 37.5 pounds of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), 37.5 pounds of total suspended solids (TSS), or 8.3 pounds of total kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN) per day
  • Performs solvent dry cleaning, mobile pressure washing or liquid waste hauling
  • Discharges wastewater resulting from groundwater remediation projects
  • Discharges, either temporarily or long-term, non-domestic that could potentially cause a hazard as determined by Regional San


All questions regarding the need for a permit should be directed to (916) 875-6470 or wscs@sacsewer.com.

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