Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor Events

Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor Events



A wastewater treatment plant odor event occurs when odors released from the wastewater treatment plant site are easily recognized by the average person and reported to Regional San staff.


No more than 8 wastewater treatment plant odor events per year.


This service level reflects the effectiveness of our odor control equipment and practices at the wastewater treatment plant.

Critical Impacts

A wastewater treatment plant odor event can be caused by the failure or over exceeding the capacity of odor control equipment; process upsets; overloading the solids storage basins; inadequate injection of solids under the soil at the dedicated land disposal facilities; scheduled maintenance of process equipment (prolonged diversion of wastewater to emergency storage basins); failing to adequately clean emergency storage basins; and uncovering wastewater tanks, vaults or manholes for prolonged periods. These events can also be caused by the Biosolids Recycling Facility and are highly influenced by weather conditions.

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