Regional San Offers Alternative Water Supply Amidst California Drought

Residential and commercial customers can now take advantage of a free and sustainable water supply for non-potable uses

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Sacramento, Calif.— With nearly 60 percent of California experiencing “extreme drought” conditions, recycled water is quickly being recognized as a drought-resistant water supply for non-potable purposes. Here in the Sacramento region, the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) provides customers access to high-quality recycled water as an alternative.

Regional San’s Recycled Water Fill Station offers residential and commercial customers a free, safe, environmentally responsible option for watering lawns, gardens, and landscaping. Recycled water can also be used for dust control and other permitted uses. With current drought conditions and watering restrictions in place, this recycled water is an easy way for those in the Sacramento region to help do their part to conserve water. The Recycled Water Fill Station is open and expected to be available through October.

“As California continues to experience a statewide drought, it’s critical for the Sacramento region to decrease its dependence on this precious natural resource,” says Christoph Dobson, Regional San’s General Manager. “Regional San takes its commitment to environmental stewardship very seriously, and we are extremely proud to offer this resource to our customers.”  

The Recycled Water Fill Station is located at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant near Elk Grove and has several connection bays for vehicles and commercial water tankers to fill approved containers. Participants must complete an application and a brief training session before utilizing the Recycled Water Fill Station. For more information and to apply, visit

Regional San’s commitment to water recycling goes beyond the Recycled Water Fill Station. Once constructed, our landmark recycled water project—Harvest Water—will deliver up to 16.2 billion gallons per year of recycled water to irrigate more than 16,000 acres of agriculture and habitat conservation lands in south Sacramento County. To learn more about Harvest Water, visit

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Regional San owns the regional wastewater conveyance system and the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, located near Elk Grove. We provide wastewater conveyance, treatment and disposal services to about 1.6 million people throughout the Sacramento region. Learn more at


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